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Contract Audit

A contact audit is important for a crypto project as it provides a comprehensive assessment of the project's smart contracts and underlying code. These audits can identify potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the code, ensuring the project is secure and reliable. Additionally, the audits provide an added layer of credibility and transparency, which can increase confidence and ultimately drive adoption and success for the project. GoldBit Casino has chosen Certik and InterFi, two trustworthy auditors, to conduct a review of our contract.
Certik is a company that specializes in blockchain security and provides auditing services for cryptocurrency tokens. Their aim is to ensure that the smart contracts governing these tokens are free from vulnerabilities and secure against potential attacks.
InterFi Network
InterFi Network, a longtime partner with Pinksale, has conducted our initial audit. They have audited more than 500,000 solidity code-lines on Binance, Ethereum, Cronos, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, Bitcoin Cash, and many more. See the attached document to review the full audit report.